Acne is a problem that millions of people struggle to overcome. In addition to the initial appearance of inflammation, clogged pores, whiteheads, blackheads, and other irritations, acne carries with it the risk of long term scarring.

If your skin continues to show evidence of acne, even if inflammation has long been eliminated, it is nearly impossible to feel good about your appearance. We understand, and we are proud to offer Bellafill, the innovative injectable filler that has been FDA-approved for the improvement of acne scarring.

This injectable filler is 80 percent purified collagen. This substance, essential for the support of healthy, youthful skin, immediately lifts and replaces volume where it has been lost. Collagen is absorbed and metabolized over time, which is why the other 20 percent of Bellafill is so special.

In addition to collagen, this filler contains microspheres of polymethylmethacrylate, or PMMA. These microspheres pick up where injected collagen leaves off, supporting ongoing collagen production for several months.

In clinical trials conducted on acne patients, 85 percent expressed satisfaction with their appearance at six months post-treatment. Patients rated their satisfaction at 90 percent 12 months after Bellafill.


Bellafill is an amazing solution for those who have acne scarring that has left indentations or uneven sections of their skin.

However, Bellafill treatments may be a good option for more than just acne.

Men and women who don’t suffer from acne can still enjoy the long-term results of facial rejuvenation from Bellafill. This is because Bellafill can fill and raise areas of depression in your skin, like wrinkles and scars.


The PMMA and collagen mixture of Bellafill beautifully raises areas of depression. This includes scars, and lines and wrinkles on the face. Men and women seeking long-term results from facial rejuvenation enjoy the benefits that Bellafill offers.

Injections administered between the epidermis and the underlying layer of fat take only a few minutes but continue to support the skin for several months. Some clinical studies performed in the United States suggest permanent results.


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