Teens are no stranger to the unfortunate experience of acne. Inflammations and irritation of the skin around the face can be persistent and challenging to treat. For many teens, the issue only lasts a couple of years. But, for others, the struggle can persist into adult years. Acne regularly proves a significant obstacle to building self-confidence and accepting your appearance. Extreme cases can make individuals feel helpless in a fight against their own bodies. At the Lombardi Institute of Dermatology, we have seen many teens and adults struggle unnecessarily with the emotional toll of chronic acne. Our goal is to offer a helping hand to patients from South Tampa, Downtown Tampa, St. Petersburg, Davis Island, Harbour Island, Beach Park, and more. If you are ready to resolve the problem of acne, contact our office for a consultation.


A common misconception is that an affected individual is at least partly to blame for his or her condition. We see this as trying to put the burden on the victim. True, certain factors can increase breakout frequency. But, much is beyond the individual’s control.

In reality, the cleanliness of the skin is a minor trigger for acne breakouts. As much as you wash your face or body, there are other determinants that might slide under the radar.

Crucial factors in skin health include:

  • Bacteria
  • Genetics
  • Stress
  • Hair and makeup products
  • Nutrition
  • Hormones

While each of these factors plays a role in the development of acne, the direct cause of inflammation and breakouts is oil, dirt, and other matter clogging pores on the skin.

Acne may look different in every person. Some of the usual lesions that we see in the acne patient include:


These are clogged pores that have a dark surface. These “pimples” are open. These most commonly appear on the face, especially the nose, chin, and forehead.


These are closed “pimples” also formed from clogged pores. These can take over most parts of your body. Face, chest, back, and even your shoulders.


These are fluid-filled pockets that look red and irritated. They also can appear anywhere on the body.


These often feel tender to the touch and are raised, but smaller, lesions.


These deep, fluid-filled sacs may cause scarring if ruptured. Treating them should be left to a professional.

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There is no blanket treatment for acne. In order to effectively combat it, you need a physician who takes your unique situation into account.

Double board-certified dermatologist Dr. Milan Lombardi has extensive experience in the treatment of acne. Patients who visit our office benefit from a comprehensive treatment plan designed around their needs.

Initially, the focus of acne treatment may be to minimize existing inflammation and bacterial activity. At the same time, we will also look to the future management of the skin to reduce flare-ups. We seek not only to treat immediate issues but equip you to keep your skin healthy into the future.

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Your skin health is essential to your quality of life. For that reason, it is important to Dr. Milan Lombardi, your dermatologist near Downtown Tampa. The team at the Lombardi Institute of Dermatology works attentively with each patient to deliver results that last.

If you have questions about our practice and treatment options, contact the office of Dr. Milan Lombardi today to schedule a consultation and examination of your skin. Fighting acne need not be done alone!

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