Hair Restoration

Hair loss can quickly rob men and women of their confidence. Fortunately, the FUE hair transplant method, followed by regular injections of Rogaine® and Propecia®, can keep your mane looking full and healthy.

Don't waste time with ineffective hair restoration methods. Request a consultation at our Tampa, FL, practice to find out how Dr. Milan Lombardi can give you the exceptional results you deserve.

Safe, Natural-Looking
Hair Restoration
The Basics of the FUE Hair Transplant Method

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant method in which individual hair follicles are extracted from the back of the head and moved to areas affected by thinning or balding. The surgical extraction technique involves using a special tool called a micropunch to remove a tiny cylinder of hair-bearing skin (punch graft) from an area with abundant hair. Next, tiny incisions are placed in the area where the patient wishes to regrow hair, and the punch grafts are placed. Patients can expect transplanted hair to grow back within about three to four months of the surgical procedure.

Why Patients Choose
Dr. Lombardi

For Hair Restoration 

Dr. Milan Lombardi is an Ivy League-trained and double board-certified dermatologist who has served Greater Tampa, Florida, for years. Unlike many dermatologists who see up to 50 patients a day, Dr. Lombardi typically sees no more than 10 in order to give them the personalized attention their case deserves. During your consultation, he will make an expert determination about whether an FUE hair transplant is right for you. If you are a candidate, your treatment will be performed by a trusted technician who has performed more than 100,000 placements. 

It's important to understand that you only get one or two chances at a good hair transplant. You need an excellent doctor who can determine if you’re a candidate, then provide the right support afterward. Dr. Lombardi in Tampa can coordinate the best treatment, and then provide the follow-up that you need in the form of Propecia and Rogaine injections that can help you enjoy the results of a successful FUE treatment for many years to come.

Is FUE Right For Me?

The best way to determine whether FUE is the right hair growth method for you is to undergo a consultation at our Tampa plastic surgery office. Generally speaking, the best candidates for this hair transplant are patients who:

Have Adequate Hair at the Donor Site

The key to this treatment is the transplantation of healthy hair follicles from areas of abundant hair to areas of thinning or balding. During your consultation at our Tampa, FL, office, Dr. Lombardi will examine your head to determine if you have enough healthy hair follicles at the back of your scalp to restore hair growth in the desired area.

Are Over Age 25

Losing hair early in life often indicates that the patient will experience significant hair loss over time. Since repeated hair transplant procedures are not a viable solution, it is best to wait until your hair loss has stabilized before undergoing FUE. Dr. Lombardi can help determine when the time is right for you to undergo FUE.

In Good Overall Health

As with all cosmetic surgical procedures, you must be healthy enough to undergo the treatment. Skin conditions like keloids, allergies to local anesthesia, uncontrolled hyptertension, and uncontrolled diabetes can make FUE unsafe. Dr. Lombardi will assess your health at his Tampa, Florida, practice and determine if it is safe for you to undergo FUE.

Get The Answers You Need Find Out If You Are an FUE Candidate

For many men and women, hair is an important part of their self-image and confidence. When signs of thinning or balding start to become apparent, the effects can be nothing short of devastating. The good news is that with modern surgical techniques coordinated by a qualified physician, you don't have to suffer with the effects of hair loss or waste time and money on solutions that don't deliver the results you want.

One of the most important steps in restoring your hair with FUE is making sure it's right for you. Dr. Lombardi is uniquely qualified to make that determination. If you are a candidate, he can coordinate treatment by a leading technician and provide ongoing maintenance treatment to keep your mane looking incredible. It all starts with a consultation. Write to us or call today:

Dr. Lombardi

"Simply exceptional."

"Dr. Lombardi and his assistant Carol are simply exceptional. In my experience, the Lombardi team's genuine drive to go above and beyond in catering to a patient's specific needs and overall well-being is second to none. Other physicians should look to Dr. Lombardi's concierge approach as a model of patient-provider relationships." Nathan Henry, 5-Star Google Review

Maintaining the Results 
of Your Hair Transplant

With Injections of Hair Regrowth Medication

Synergy Plastic Surgery is a practice that believes in helping patients experience the best possible results of every procedure we provide. Dr. Lombardi provides FUE hair restoration because of its many benefits and high success rates; to help his patients' restored hair provide confidence and an enhanced appearance for many years to come after surgery, he recommends undergoing periodic maintenance injections of the hair regrowth drugs Rogaine and Propecia directly into the scalp.

  • Minoxidil, better known by its trade name, Rogaine, has been widely used as a hair regrowth medication since the 1980s. The precise way in which Rogaine works isn't totally understood, but research indicates that it reverses the miniaturization of hair follicles, a result of hereditary factors, aging, and hormones. Enlarging the follicles results in thicker, longer hair.
  • Finasteride (widely known as Propecia) lowers scalp levels of dihydrotestosterone (the steroid and hormone linked to hair loss), which can also reverse the miniaturization of hair follicles.  

"I can't say enough good things."

"I've never had a dermatologist's office call me the day after coming in for an appointment just to check in and make sure that I was satisfied and not in any pain. I was actually shocked- I thought something was wrong when I saw their missed call. I can't say enough good things about the care I received. Highly recommended." Nathan Holmes, 5-Star Google Review

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