While birthmarks don’t cause physical harm, there is no denying the impact they can have on your life. Whether you have a large or small birthmark, they can have a big effect on your self-confidence and comfort in your own skin. For years, there was no real way to treat birthmarks. But birthmark removal is finally a reality. Using advanced skin resurfacing techniques, we can help you achieve skin that you can be proud of.

At the Lombardi Institute of Dermatology, we pride ourselves on offering patients a range of aesthetic treatment options. Whether you want to remove a birthmark or try other treatments, we are here for you. Every patient receives a fully tailored treatment plan based on their unique needs and goals. Call us today to get started on yours and step toward clearer skin and a brighter future!


At the Lombardi Institute of Dermatology, we believe that every patient has the right to clear and even skin. That is why we are proud to offer a safe and effective non-surgical method for removing unwanted birthmarks.

At our practice, we use laser skin resurfacing techniques to deliver stunning birthmark removal results that you can’t wait to show off. With laser skin resurfacing, we use the natural power of lasers to carefully remove the damaged outer layer of skin. This then reveals fresh and healthy skin below, which can replace it. The result: a more even skin tone.

Not only is this treatment highly effective, but it is highly versatile. It can help a wide range of patients, regardless of the size of their birthmark or their skin type.

We can also offer patients additional treatments to enhance their results. From microdermabrasion to IPL therapy, we have a full suite of skin treatments to give you stunning results.

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Below are some of the main benefits you can receive from our non-surgical birthmark removal techniques:

  • Consistent results
  • Minimal downtime
  • No scarring
  • Even skin tone
  • Quick and efficient treatments
  • Works with a wide range of skin types
  • Can treat almost any part of your body


Your results will depend on several factors, including the size and color of birthmarks and your number of treatments. Though most patients will report a significant decrease in birthmarks after even one treatment, it can take several sessions to reach your final results.

After each treatment, you can expect minor swelling and redness around the treated area. However, this is easily managed and quickly fades within days. Compare this to the weeks spent in surgical recovery and it hardly interferes with your life at all.

Once you see your final results, they should be with you for years to come. However, it is important to fully complete your sessions to achieve optimal results. Once you do, you should see significant improvements, with many patients having complete removal of their birthmarks.

Then you can have skin you can’t wait to share with the world. Instead of feeling like you need to hide beneath clothes, you won’t be able to wait to show a little more skin.


If you have birthmarks that interfere with your quality of life, then you could benefit from this treatment. Birthmark removal is not just about cosmetic changes, but it aims to boost your overall confidence in yourself and your skin. If you are ready to achieve clear skin that fills you with pride, then birthmark removal might be right for you.

The first step is to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Lombardi. During this individual meeting, he will work with you to determine how best to treat your aesthetic concerns. By listening to your needs and goals, he can put together a birthmark removal plan that will help you reach your target.

As part of your consultation, we will also inform you of any other treatments that could enhance your results or be combined with your birthmark removal. Every step of the way, we provide complete information, so you can make every decision with confidence.

During your consultation, we will also provide you with realistic expectations of what your treatment outcomes will be. So you will never be in the dark about any aspect of your treatment or what it can do. Call us today to learn more and get started on the path to clearer skin.


Take the first step toward reaching your aesthetic skin goals today. When you schedule your consultation with Dr. Lombardi, dermatologist, you can get started on receiving your personalized treatment plan for birthmark removal. Every aspect will match your unique needs and goals to help you achieve clear skin you can be proud of. Call us today to learn more about our treatment options, especially non-surgical birthmark removal.


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