Facial skin can go through plenty of changes due to all the elements it deals with other the years. From sun exposure to the constant of aging, skin can become loose, wrinkled, and uneven due to stubborn pockets of fat. When this happens, we can start to look older or more tired than we actually feel inside. To counter this at the Lombardi Institute of Dermatology, we are proud to offer our patients Accutite in Tampa. This minimally-invasive contouring system was developed through InMode, and it provides precise and comfortable rejuvenation for the more delicate structures of the face.

At his center for dermatology in Tampa Bay, Dr. Lombardi focuses on offering his patients the best and most advanced options for rejuvenating treatments. With a combination of advanced techniques and years of experience, he can deliver lasting improvements that give your skin and appearance a vibrant and radiant look.


With AccuTite in Tampa, you have access to the smallest minimally-invasive radiofrequency (RF) contraction device. But what does that mean? AccuTite works using RF energy to boost your body’s natural rejuvenating mechanisms while also tackling stubborn pockets of fat. In other words, it combines two powerful methods of facial contouring to deliver results that will have you looking and feeling like your best.


AccuTite is highly precise, but it is also a rapid procedure that will not take time out of your day. In most cases, a single treatment can even take under half an hour! And since it is minimally invasive, you can stay comfortable the entire time with only local numbing. Using an ultra-small tool inserted through a tiny incision, we can treat sensitive and hard-to-reach on the face, and even elsewhere on your body. The RF energy is then sent through this instrument to melt fat and give the surrounding tissue a natural boost to restore its production of collagen. With another small tool, we can then remove the liquified fat to enhance the contouring effect. In under half an hour, you can achieve stunning results that will last for months to years.


AccuTite is an excellent solution for patients who want to get precise but powerful facial contouring while still avoiding surgery. Which is why this procedure continues to grow in popularity. Instead of hours of surgery and weeks of recovery, you get comparative results in half an hour with almost no downtime. You recover quickly and comfortably and can get back to your daily routine within days in many cases. Scarring is kept to a minimum and rarely visible. Instead, the results are all that people will see. Its minimally-invasive nature also makes it available to a wider range of candidates.

AccuTite could be your ideal choice if you want to address any of the following around delicate facial areas or other more sensitive body areas:

  • Loose skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pockets of fat that refuse to go away
The first step to see if AccuTite is your ideal procedure is to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lombardi in Tampa. When you meet with him one-on-one, you can learn about our rejuvenation treatment options and get started on your personalized plan. From AccuTite to laser treatments and more, we look at the most useful options for your unique situation. Every step of your plan is adapted to help you realize your aesthetic goals. You can even combine multiple non-surgical treatments with AccuTite to boost your results and see outstanding enhancements.


One of the reasons Dr. Lombardi is so proud to offer AccuTite is the range of benefits it can bring his patients. These include:

  • Smooths and tightens skin
  • Ideal for more delicate areas
  • Highly precise without costing extra time
  • Little to no scarring
  • Swifter recovery than surgery
  • See both immediate results and gradual improvements
  • Easily combined with other treatments to boost your results

AccuTite only uses tiny incisions and has no major excisional quality, so you can go home right after. You can even drive yourself back home, though some prefer to have someone drive them. While you may still need to manage swelling and keep the area clean for a few days, that is about all the downtime to expect. Most people are back to work and their daily routine within a matter of days. Comparatively, surgery can interrupt your life for multiple weeks!


A healthy lifestyle and good skin care habits will be your best tools for getting the most out of your AccuTite treatment. With the right care, you can see results that will last for years. Dr. Lombardi will provide you with care tips and instructions for after your treatment to ensure you heal quickly and get the most out of your results.

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Contact the Lombardi Institute of Dermatology today to get started on your personalized AccuTite treatment. With our full suite of treatments, Dr. Lombardi can work with you to find a rejuvenation plan that matches your goals and helps you unlock your best self. Call us or use our online form to schedule your consultation for AccuTite in Tampa and to learn more about the treatments we provide and the results we deliver.

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