Eye Bags Versus Dark Circles: What is the Difference? By Dr. Lombardi on November 10, 2023

Non-surgical eyelid treatment is the perfect solution for anyone with sagging lids, eye bags, and dark circles under the eyes. These blemishes typically appear as a result of aging or skin damage, and it is common for clients to seek cosmetic solutions to keep them looking and feeling young. An upper or lower lid treatment can do just that, but it is important to figure out what option is best for your needs before you fully commit.

Eye Bags Versus Dark Circles: What is the Difference?

What a lot of patients do not know is that eye bags and dark circles must be treated differently. Often thought to be the exact same thing, there are a few key factors that distinguish these two conditions from each other. Today, experts from Dr. Lombardi’s office will answer the question, “Eye bags versus dark circles: what is the difference?”

About Eye Bags

If you have ever rubbed your eyes a lot after waking up late or feeling tired, you might have developed some under-eye bags. These puffy areas of skin show up after your body shows signs of stress or aging. Accordingly, it makes your eyes look visibly puffy. Additionally, it can get worse as time goes on.

Eye bags will continue to exaggerate the inflammation of your skin as fluid builds up under the eyelids. While certain environmental factors like allergies and smoking can make you more likely to develop eye bags, anyone is susceptible to getting them. Eye bags by themselves are not a health hazard, though they can contribute to a lack of confidence and self-esteem. If they start to hurt or itch, you might want to contact Dr. Lombardi’s office right away.

About Dark Circles

One of the main reasons why people conflate dark circles and eye bags is that the two often come together. Anyone with dark circles under their eyes is likely to have some puffy under-eye bags as well, though this does not always happen. Dark circles are much more prominent than eye bags, making the eyes look more sunken and sickly than usual.

Dark circles are usually a sign of failing health and an aging body, which is why most people look to get rid of them right away. There are a lot of different causes of dark circles, from fatigue and stress to dehydration and genetics. It is important to diagnose the cause of your dark circles in order to treat them, as treatment is sometimes less straightforward than the treatment of eye bags alone.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Eye Bags and Dark Circles

When you visit the Lombardi Institute of Dermatology for a customized treatment for your eyelid issues, you will be presented with a number of effective and fast-acting options. Most sessions only take about 30 minutes in-office, with no downtime required after you leave. You can get right back into your schedule without having to rearrange your entire calendar just to take care of yourself. Our most popular treatments include:

Laser Circle Removal

Using an advanced heated laser technique, our experts can help you greatly reduce the effect of dark circles under your eyes by stimulating the production of collagen under the surface of your skin. After several sessions of this non-invasive and non-surgical treatment, you will start to notice great results that can last for many months at a time. You may want to combine this treatment with our dermal fillers option, which directly repairs the skin by boosting the body’s natural proteins.

Dermal Fillers

The puffiness of eye bags can be reduced by injecting dermal fillers under the skin, which work to repair eye bags and help produce new collagen for a more volumized look. Dermal fillers carry proteins that the body needs to repair any blemishes and rejuvenate the skin in a youthful way. Still, many different types of dermal fillers are available. Additionally, they usually last for several months. Some lucky clients have had dermal fillers that last for upwards of a year. However, that requires great skincare and constant maintenance.

Refresh Your Eyes with a Personal Consultation in Tampa

The Lombardi Institute of Dermatology offers new and innovative treatments that quickly reduce under-eye bags and puffiness in these thin layers of skin. Sign up for one of our unique dark circle removal options and you will be taken through a series of hand-crafted treatments with a team of experts who are dedicated to your care. If you want to learn more about the benefits you can earn through non-surgical aesthetic solutions, get in touch with our experts and schedule your first consultation with Dr. Lombardi.

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