Does Kybella Permanently Remove A Double Chin? By Dr. Lombardi on October 06, 2023

Kybella is a method of non-surgical body sculpting that can give one a refreshed and revivified appearance on multiple levels. But does Kybella permanently remove a double chin?

The procedure is so safe, effective, and easy that it has surged in popularity in recent years. Part of this popularity growth owes to the fact that the results from a Kybella procedure are more or less permanent.

Does Kybella Permanently Remove A Double Chin?

If you’re interested in receiving Kybella treatment and would like to know where to start, take a look at this primer that describes how Kybella treatment achieves its ability to permanently destroy fat cells in a non-surgical double chin removal.

What Takes Place During Kybella Therapy?

A non-surgical treatment for double chins and skin tightening is Kybella. Redefining the jawline and getting rid of a double chin are two things it does pretty well.

Deoxycholic acid is a chemical that Kybella uses to help the body break down dietary fat. Under the chin, it is injected into the body to kill fat cells. The harmful fat cells then gradually end up eliminated by this treatment.

When diet and exercise attempts are ineffective at reducing a person’s double chin, using techniques like these can be helpful. Unfortunately, this is frequently the case.

Usually, three to four weeks after starting treatment, Kybella is able to totally eliminate the existence of a double chin. In most cases, these results will stay permanent unless some drastically poor lifestyle habits counteract their efficacy over a sustained period of time.

Permanent Fat Removal Achieved

Kybella targets the fat under the jawline with precision and accuracy. Because of the nature of its treatment method, the fat cells targeted by Kybella end up more or less permanently destroyed and never recover.

Double chins are an incredibly common issue that comes forth from a number of different causes. Genetics, aging, and weight gain all have a hand to play in the development of this phenomenon. Many individuals who are of a healthy weight still have trouble preventing the development of a double

Chin fat is notorious for being somewhat difficult to destroy and get rid of. Even under the influence of vigorous diet and exercise regiments, the fat cells that comprise chin fat will only shrink and not completely disappear.

Kybella remedies this with the strength of the deoxycholic acid that it utilizes. This type of acid has the potential to eliminate the cells that actually produce the fat.

What To Expect Out of Kybella Treatment

Kybella treatment involves more injections than you might think. All in all, a typical treatment session can involve between 20 and 50 injections. The injections are administered after a numbing agent is applied to the surgical target area.

Overall, the treatment process lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to approximately an hour. Because Kybella is a non-invasive, non-surgical process, many patients are able to leave the doctor’s office and resume their daily activities immediately following treatment.

The results from Kybella don’t necessarily appear overnight. Rather, it works overtime to gradually destroy the fat cells under one’s chin. This can take several weeks to fully realize itself.

Kybella remains renowned for the very ‘natural-looking’ results it produces. These results are often times more subtle than those that are produced during a surgical neck or facelift.

Do You Think I Would Benefit from Kybella?

The majority of healthy people will discover that Kybella treatment serves as a good fit for them. During a pre-surgical consultation, you’ll be able to decide if the therapy is the best option for you.

You will go over every detail of your forthcoming surgery with your doctor during this appointment. We’ll also talk about things like your personal medical background and any drugs you might be taking.

Additionally, you’ll learn if any additional preparations are necessary to ensure that your personal treatment won’t require any specific preparation. In general, you have the optimum window of time to make sure that your procedure and the time after it go as easily and safely as possible.

It’s also ideal to have achieved a healthy weight prior to your treatment. This will help to facilitate the results to a higher degree. Also, those who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant will want to reconsider before engaging in any sort of more serious medical treatment like Kybella.

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