When To Choose Facetite Over a Facelift By Dr. Lombardi on July 13, 2023

A facelift is a very common plastic surgery operation that is well known for its anti-aging effects. However, it is not the only way to enhance one’s facial appearance. Below we cover when to choose FaceTite over a facelift.

When To Choose Facetite Over a Facelift

There’s also Facetite, which is a non-surgical method of rejuvenating facial features. This method can work very well for people who are looking to avoid invasive surgery.

If you’re interested in having a Facetite procedure, then take a look at the reason you might want to choose this procedure over a facelift when looking for a cosmetic dermatologist in Tampa.

The Facetite Experience

Facetite is a skin tightening and fat removal procedure at its core. When you receive a Facetite procedure, you end up tightening the muscle tissues and skin around the face.

The advantage of Facetite is that it’s noninvasive and requires very little downtime to recover from. This can make the entire experience of reducing the effects of aging much less intimidating in general.

In most cases, facetite will be most appropriate for those who need less or more subtle work done on their appearance. This means patients on the younger side of the spectrum or those who simply need a small amount of adjustment.

If that sounds like you might fit the bill for this experience, then here are some of the main reasons that Facetite might appeal to you.

Facelifts remain the industry standard for reviving youthful features in the face. When a patient can qualify for a facelift without medical complications, it’s advised that they choose that route.

Your Aging Is Mild

Facetite is a wonderful procedure for those who have only experienced the mild side of aging. This could include patients in their 30s or older patients who simply haven’t experienced negative aging yet.

The Facetite experience and procedure are subtle, so the results are likely not to please someone looking for a heavier makeover.

You Want To Avoid Scarring

Facetite is also attractive due to its completely noninvasive nature. This means that there will be no scarring after your procedure.

Sometimes the scarring from surgical procedures can end up being as bothersome as the issues of the surgery itself. Facetite dodges this set of issues.

No scarring makes a big difference for people who are looking to recover as quickly as possible after their procedure. It allows one to move on from the surgical experience with as little stress as possible as well.

You Have To Limit Surgical Downtime

One of the main benefits of Facetite is its limited downtime for recovery. Thanks to its noninvasive nature and speedy recoveries, Facetite doesn’t require much pre-planning.

This can make it highly convenient for those who feel like they don’t have the time to devote to a full surgical downtime.

Fully surgical downtimes can be very taxing on the patient and their network. By offering patients a way to receive treatment while minimizing this, Facetite provides them with a solid option that acts quicker.

You Want To Avoid Surgery

As stated, Facetite is a non-surgical procedure. This comes with a number of advantages, particularly for those who might not desire or qualify for invasive surgery.

Sometimes the laundry list for an invasive surgery can be daunting. From arranging for childcare to adjusting your medications, there’s much to consider and plan for.

Lighter procedures, such as Facetite, do not require the same extensive preparations that invasive surgeries do. If you can, consider that as you weigh your options for your next operation.

You Have A Specific Area You’d Like To Target

Facetite works well for targeting specific areas of the face that you would like to address. If you have a target area that’s fairly well isolated and particular, Facetite will likely work well for you.

Because of its versatility and nimbleness, Facetite can hone in on specific target areas in order to apply its tightening and sculpting effects. This makes it easy for patients who only have certain areas that they’re worried about.

In some ways, doing this with Facetite is more cost and time efficient than doing it with a facelift. Part of this is because patients who choose Facetite do not have to do things like undergo general anesthesia.

Tampa’s Destination for Facetite

Lombardi Dermatology Institute is one of the top destinations for Facetite in Tampa. If you’re interested in what this procedure has to offer, then take a visit to our website and schedule a consultation in order to determine whether it’s the right choice for you.

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