What Habits Make Acne Worse? By Dr. Lombardi on July 28, 2021

While acne often occurs during puberty, it can impact people of all ages. No matter what age you are, acne can cause issues with your confidence. Successfully treating the issue can be done with the help of a skilled dermatologist. However, some habits make acne worse, so be aware of this as you consider treatment options.

Habits That Make Acne Worse

Whether you are currently getting acne treatment or plan to get treatment, be sure and stop the following bad habit as they can make your acne worse.

Overwashing Your Face:

Many people often think that a dirty face causes acne. There are a variety of causes, but overwashing is not the solution. You shouldn’t wash your face more than twice a day as you can strip your skin of the necessary oils your body naturally produces. When you strip your skin of the natural oils it produces, it can actually create more oil, clog your pores, and result in unsightly acne.

Quitting Your Treatment:

Most acne treatment takes time to actually work. In fact, some treatments may even make your acne worse before it gets better. This is completely normal, so it’s important to ensure that you give your treatment enough time to actually work. Talk with a dermatologist so you know how much time your treatment will take and remain patient.

Dirty Electronics:

Things like your cell phone and ear pods need to be cleaned regularly. Your face produces oil and sweat, which can combine with harmful bacteria and cause issues. For those who wear makeup, it can get even dirtier. In addition, the problem is exacerbated if you use a smartphone to text as your facial oils and the germs from your hands can lead to even more harmful bacteria. Clean your cell phone and ear pods regularly to ensure that your skin stays clear.

Picking at Your Skin:

How many times have you heard your mother say, “don’t pick!” in reference to you picking at your pimples or face? She was right as picking at your pimples can cause more issues than just that one zit. Picking and popping your pimples can cause deeper skin issues which can lead to permanent scarring. Talk with your dermatologist about topical treatments that can get rid of your pimples faster. Keep your hands off of your face as well as the germs can cause harm to your skin.

Wash and Cleanse Correctly:

Washing your face requires a clean washcloth and good skincare products. Avoid causing more harm when cleaning your face by not using a dirty or damp facial cloth. Bacteria thrive in moist environments, so it’s important to start fresh with a dry cloth. In addition to avoiding damp cloths, use the right products. Stay away from washes or cleansers that are sandy or sugary, as over-exfoliation can make acne worse. Talk with your dermatologist about chemical exfoliants that are right for your skin as they can help address some of the issues.

Hair Products:

If you use hair products that irritate your face, you may get acne near your hairline or on your forehead where the product falls. Pay attention to your skin when you use hair products and take note of any that may be causing you issues. Either apply it further away from your hairline or cover your forehead if it’s a spray.

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