Can Ultrasound Improve Your Skin? By Dr. Lombardi on January 07, 2021

There are often new trends and tips to help get your skin looking and feeling more youthful, lifted, and glowing. However, it’s difficult to find out what treatments are worth the time, money, and whether the treatment will actually deliver the results it claims to. One of the most effective, non-surgical treatments to improve your skin is ultrasound therapy, also referred to as “ultherapy.” Below you will find information on ultherapy, its benefits, and if it is right for you.

Ultherapy Treatment: Can Ultrasound Improve Your Skin?

Ultherapy is a non-surgical alternative that can help with signs of aging, including wrinkles, skin sagging, and drooping eyelids. The treatment helps boost collagen production, which is vital to create a more youthful look. Collagen levels begin to deteriorate as soon as your early to mid-twenties. With that, the ultrasound technology is used to increase collagen production by using focused, pulsated heat energy to lift and tighten your skin. This results in your skin appearing much more youthful. The procedure not only improves the look of your fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging, but it also proactively helps boost collagen production, which can last months after the procedure. This means that you will continue to see results even after the initial treatment. It can be used on your face, neck, and chest as they are the most impacted areas caused in regard to the appearance of aging.

Benefits of Ultherapy

There are multiple benefits to ultherapy treatment beyond just the results.

Procedure Duration:

Your appointment will last from thirty minutes to two hours. This depends on what areas you are treating.


The treatment requires no incisions or general anesthesia. This means that the recovery and preparation time is minimal.

Natural Procedure:

Unlike many other treatments, ultherapy stimulates your body’s natural processes to boost collagen production. There are no fillers or any artificial substances used during the treatment.

Painless Treatment:

One of the major benefits of the treatment is that it is nearly painless. Often patients report warmth, but you will not have pain during or after the procedure like you would many others.


Patients often report an increase in self-confidence due to the effective results. You’ll likely see a change to your skin immediately. However, the noticeable lift will occur within two to three months. Your final results will be most apparent at the six months mark due to the new collagen that was building over time.

Candidates for Ultherapy Treatment

The treatment can benefit patients who have sagging or loose skin on their face, neck, or chest areas. Patients of all ages can get treatment as the collagen boost is beneficial at any age. It is most often beneficial for those who have mild to moderate skin sagging as more severe cases may require more invasive procedures. Depending on your aesthetic goals, a dermatologist can provide you with the most effective treatment options for your skin. Ultherapy Tampa has helped many patients look and feel more like themselves again, without the stress and worry of an invasive procedure with weeks of downtime.

Best Dermatologist Tampa

If you are worried that your skin has become saggy and filled with fine lines and wrinkles, contact Dr. Milan Lombardi at Lombardi Institute of Dermatology. Dr. Lombardi has been working with patients for years, helping them with various skin and dermatological issues, including fines lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Dr. Lombardi and his team focus on addressing your concerns and providing you with the most effective treatment options. Ultherapy is an effective cosmetic treatment that has helped numerous patient’s skin look and feel years younger. Contact the best dermatologist Tampa today for a consultation!

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